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Under the Patronage of the Governor of the Central Bank of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


مسارات النهوض بالإقتصادات العربية

Arab Banking Conference 2023

Pathways of Advancing Arab Economies

The Arab Banking Conference for 2023 will be the first conference organized by the UAB in KSA, with high-level support and participation from the Saudi banking sector, and coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the Union of Arab Banks.

This conference will constitute an Arab-international platform that gathers the Arab economic and financial decision makers, to shed light on the transformation paths and the various economic reform measures adopted by the Arab countries. The Conference will tackle the policies required for economic advancement and development, with focus on the Saudi economic reform experience.



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Conference General Background

During the second half of the twentieth century, the Arab region witnessed radical changes after the discovery of oil and gas, whether directly in the countries in which huge reserves of these two commodities were discovered, and received huge financial surpluses from exporting them, or indirectly in other Arab countries that benefited in employment, investment, tourism, trade, and remittances…


Topics of Discussion

Arab Transformation & Economic Diversification
Climate Change and its Effect on Arab Economies
Arab Reform & Transition to Economic Resilience
Digital Transformation in Financial Sector
"2030 Vision" and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's experience
Sustainable Finance

Conference Objectives

  • Shedding light on the challenges facing Arab economic recovery and advancement.
  • The emerging economic and social opportunities in light of climate change.
  • Setting priorities to build a base for economic diversification.
  • Solidifying the Arab banking and financial sector to allow it continue its role in supporting national economies
  • Benefiting from “2030 Vision” and the Saudi experience in economic transformation.
  • Discussing the role of financial technology in the transition to a digital economy.
  • Highlighting the necessities of transition to a green Arab economy.

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